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[02:00:59] geo ant ada: Mistress?
[02:01:13] starwmoives: yes
[02:01:34] geo ant ada: What does this mean?
[02:02:30] starwmoives: wear did you find that?
[02:02:38] geo ant ada: In your journal.
[02:03:01] geo ant ada: I just wanted to know more about you.
[02:03:22] starwmoives: oh ...that my best
[02:03:26] starwmoives: who posted that
[02:03:32] starwmoives: but that was days ago
[02:03:44] geo ant ada: That was in 2001.
[02:03:49] geo ant ada: That was years ago.
[02:04:00] geo ant ada: And all the posts about your girlfriend?
[02:04:01] starwmoives: thanks for remind me
[02:04:15] starwmoives: yah the one at the time
[02:04:53] geo ant ada: I believed you, and your info said your a guy. Then I believed you again and your journal says you're a guy.
[02:05:00] geo ant ada: I don't know what to think here, mistress.
[02:05:05] geo ant ada: I'm getting very confused.
[02:06:10] starwmoives: what did i tell you
[02:06:49] geo ant ada: :( That you're a hot girl.
[02:07:03] starwmoives: yes that right
[02:07:23] geo ant ada: But, in your buddy profile, in your journal.
[02:07:28] geo ant ada: There's stuff saying that you're a guy.
[02:08:49] starwmoives: dude,hun ....
[02:08:59] starwmoives: i just got off work
[02:09:50] geo ant ada: ?
[02:10:01] geo ant ada: And?
[02:10:28] starwmoives: i was expecting to come home to a happy geo
[02:10:59] geo ant ada: Yes, but you came home to a very confused Geo.
[02:11:31] starwmoives: well you confuse your self then make me upset
[02:11:45] geo ant ada: I don't want to be trouble or anything. I'm just a little confused by who are on AIM and who you are on LJ.
[02:14:38] starwmoives: :-)
[02:15:22] geo ant ada: I know you on here as a hot chick, but in your journal there's a few spots about your girlfriend and not understanding women and my mind just cracks up and I don't know what's going on.
[02:15:47] starwmoives: k
[02:20:10] geo ant ada: So, hot girl, right?
[02:20:34] starwmoives: yeah with a huge ass rack
[02:20:40] geo ant ada: :) Good.

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